Carpe Diem: seizing each day to foster change in e-learning design

Alejandro Armellini, Sylvia Jones


The ADELIE project (Advanced Design for e-Learning Institutional Embedding) has been at the heart of change in e-learning design at the University of Leicester since October 2006. This article presents the findings of research into the pedagogical change process experienced by academics as a result of ADELIE?ǨѢs interventions.

ADELIE?ǨѢs key lever for change is a discipline-specific two-day workshop for departmental course teams called Carpe Diem. The workshop generates, facilitates and disseminates incremental change in technology-enhanced course design. Prior to Carpe Diem, most course teams place emphasis on the transmission of course content via the institutional virtual learning environment. As a result of the Carpe Diem intervention, focused, structured online activities become central to the course re-design process. Post-Carpe Diem designs evidence a shift towards interactive and collaborative approaches to learning. This change is having a positive impact on the experience of on-campus, blended and distance learners.

This article presents the results of research into pedagogical change in approaches to e-learning through analysing the impact of Carpe Diem on participants?ǨѢ e-learning designs.

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