An Interdisciplinary Approach to Enhancing Sustainable Development Teaching in the Higher Education Built Environment Curriculum: Learning from a Curriculum Development Project at the University of Sheffield

Diane Hart, John Hughes, David Lerner, Roger Lewis, Ian Ward, Aidan While, Ryan Wilson, Lorna Walker


To achieve sustainable development in the future, there is an increasing need for teaching of interdisciplinary sustainable development skills in higher education institutions. However, there are also difficulties in achieving successful teaching projects. As part of the Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professors Scheme, an interdisciplinary staff team from the faculties of Engineering and Architectural Studies at The University of Sheffield has developed such a project to augment the knowledge, skills and awareness of students on professionally-accredited built environment courses with respect to sustainable development. The project encompasses all aspects of sustainability including social as well as environmental and economic issues. A multi-dimensional evaluation of the learning outcomes and experiences, undertaken with the University?วจ??s Learning and Teaching Services department, shows that the pedagogical aims of the project are being met, although there are some organisational issues that require attention. While real-life student projects involving creative interdisciplinary team work can produce excellent learning outcomes, resourcing them presents challenges which may limit our ability to maximise the opportunity they offer.

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Editor-in-Chief: Prof Norbert Pachler
UCL Institute of Education, University College London
ISSN 1746-9082

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