The Pleasures of Multiculturalism: How children learn better in multi-cultural classrooms

Louisa Neuburger


This essay puts forward a view of citizenship that is embedded in the multi-culturalism of the classroom. The evidence presented comes from the author?ǨѢs experiences as a student teacher of English in a girls?ǨѢ comprehensive school in east London, but the argument for ?Ǩthe conviviality of multi-culturalism?ǨѢ as a prerequisite for teaching and learning about citizenship goes beyond subject specialisms. The essay argues that it is the role of schools and teachers to be interested in and responsive to the different cultures that are present, and that the full benefits of an education in citizenship will be realised only when this happens.

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Editor-in-Chief: Prof Norbert Pachler
UCL Institute of Education, University College London
ISSN 1746-9082

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